Welcome to the new Stated Clerk's Filecabinet.

The Church Change Form (CCF) the official form to report church changes.

Presbyteries receive three digital mailings during the year delivered to a shared fold with the Manager of OGA Records through Dropbox. In this course, you can find a FAQ regarding Dropbox and a list of the IMs.

In this course you’ll find the roster of stated clerks and executives, Mid Council Change Form, access to online mid council directory, and handbook for stated clerk.

You’ll find helpful information related to reporting minister changes to OGA. Access to eMinister training videos, list of occupation codes, useful tips to using eMinister, and the ‘paper’ PDF version of the minister change form.

Resources and information for new stated clerks, intended to supplement the in-person training that occurs twice a year.

This course provides information about the year end statistics and processes. Copies of the Session Annual Statistical Report Workbook in English, Spanish, and Korean are updated yearly in July. There is a list of helpful tips when using the online statistical program as well as a listing of important deadline dates.

Forms for synod and presbyteries to report year end governing cost and miscellaneous information.

The materials in this training section will provide you with a quick overview of how to use this Moodle site in support of your work as a mid council stated clerk.